Irving, Texas is a Great Place to Visit for Festivals

Everyone loves a great festival. Are you looking for a way to have some fun in Irving, TX? The answer is easy. You need to go to a festival! Many festivals take place all year long in Irving and we have compiled the top festivals in Irving 2021 here for your convenience. A few of these include July 4th Celebration, Dragon Boat Festival, Music Under The Stars, and more! We hope this list will help you find an event near you soon.

4th of July Celebration

There are always incredible events in Irving Tx, and the 4th of July Celebration is no exception. The City of Irving is in for some fireworks this Independence Day! The annual event brings the community together to celebrate with a parade and live music, all culminating into an explosive display at dusk. This year’s theme “Irving Brings Back the Spark” centers on America’s independence as well as celebrating Irving itself by bringing back its spark through great events like these. The fireworks are held on the 4th of July and if you are local or traveled into Irving early there is also a beautiful parade held on the 3rd of July. The community is invited to join in on all festivities, including the parade and live music that greets your ears.

Dragon Boat Festival

dragon boat
The appreciation of someone else’s culture is always a unique perspective that is educational and fun, and when you can culminate this with a festival it is a win-win situation. The Las Colinas Urban Center is putting on its annual Dragon Boat, Kite, and Lantern Festival. Visitors will be able to experience the excitement of dragon boat racing as well as see beautiful kites fill up the sky during this family-friendly event! This fun festival celebrates Asian heritage by allowing families to enjoy exciting events like dragon boat races or seeing colorful kites filling up Lake Carolyn’s surrounding skies while performances take place throughout town. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary for your kids (or without!), come to check this out!

Music Under The Stars

Irving’s annual concert series showcases live music performances by musicians from across the state. Attendees are encouraged to bring blankets and lawn chairs for their own comfort while they enjoy a beautiful, summer evening outside in Irving’s plaza area with family and friends. Dinner may be purchased at one of the nearby restaurants or you can pack your favorite homemade picnic meal that will make this night all the more memorable! Location is subject to change so we recommend checking back periodically for any updates on our future concerts not yet scheduled here at Irving Plaza!

The Canal Fest

Consistently ranked as one of the most diverse zip codes in America, Irving is home to a rich international community. There’s no better place than Canal Fest where you can appreciate this diversity and celebrate world cultures with its annual arts festival. As one of the most anticipated events every year that brings together people from all over, there are always plenty of reasons for locals and visitors alike to come out for an afternoon full of food vendors, music performances on two stages by local artists performing across genres like jazz, fusion, funk, R&B, Latin, pop-rock, reggae, blues, indie-folk, Americana soul, country gospel, hip hop, swing, Gospel, bluegrass, zydeco Cajun, country, French Canadian, waltzes, Middle Eastern, traditional, Arabic, drumming, Okinawan temple, and even dance music like Samba. Canal Fest is truly one of the most memorable festivals to witness or even be a part of.

Come Celebrate With Irving, Texas

I’m sure you’re excited to hear about all the great festivals Irving, Texas has to offer. The four listed here are only a few of them and they each have their own unique flair that will give you an insight into what makes this city so special. You can’t go wrong with any one of these! To find out more information on which annual event is perfect for your style visit And if you want even more fun in your life, come be a part of our community as we celebrate some of the best festivals nationwide at local events like Canal Fest or Dragon Boat Festival, just don’t forget to stop by the local businesses likeSwift Garage Door Repair , that help organize and celebrate