Spring Replacement

broken spring

The most common issue with a garage door that will not move up and down properly is a problem with the garage door spring system. Garage door springs, whether torsion or side mounted extension springs are the systems that do the heavy lifting and controlling the balance of your garage door. When you have a broken garage door spring the door can become sluggish, strain and pull one side higher than the other, drop suddenly and slam down on your vehicle, or the door can refuse to operate at all. No matter how the door is reacting, broken garage door springs can be extremely hazardous and require the assistance of professionals like those who work at Swift Garage Doors expert.

When you hear a loud bang, or your garage door drops suddenly while in operation, you can call Swift Garage Door for broken garage door spring repair, replacement or to perform a garage door spring conversion and installation. We use only the top of the line springs made from galvanized materials that are resistant to corrosion, wear, and abrasions. The latest developments in the garage door spring manufacturing have created garage door springs that are low maintenance and have extended cycle-life that is far beyond the older style springs.

We are the company to call when you have a broken garage door spring, faulty garage door opener, slow moving garage door, accident damage to garage door panels or sections, or any other garage door problem. We will save you time and money with our affordable garage door repair prices, and our Preventive Maintenance Plans can save you money in the future with regular service schedules that prevent most major repairs from occurring. You can call Orlando Garage Door and we will provide an accurate affordable free estimate, no matter what you need!

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