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How to Repair Broken Garage Door Spring

In Swift Garage Door Repair we are not just an expert in garage door industry, we also provide the best service to every customer that we serve. Whether it is a large commercial installation or a garage door for your beloved home, our service is second to none.

Owning a garage is an excellent investment. It is not an easy task for all people to maintain a garage in the proper condition. Most garage owners, however, ignore broken garage door spring. It will be helpful if you take care of your garage springs to ensure a long service. Check our customer review and read on to know the most durable springs for your broken garage door spring.

What Are The Kind of Garage Door Springs?

As much as there are several springs you can invest in for your garage door, there are many things you need to ask yourself when seeking garage spring repair. First, you need to know how easy the springs are to assemble, their cost, and their durability. Below are some of the spring types you can consider for your garage spring repair;

1.Open Looped
We all desire spring for garage door that is easy to assemble as they save on time and costs. Thank heavens; open looped springs will get this covered when it comes to spring for garage door. When changing, you do not have to disassemble the entire spring pulley. However, this spring type has a limitation as it relies on a wire entirely. You will have to change the whole part on changing the spring even if it's only the center bolt damaged.

2.Double Looped
Like the single looped springs, these spring for garage door rely on a wire and their mechanisms are similar. The springs are connected to double coils and an eyebolt at each end, making them robust compared to single looped types. The only limitation to this is that they are difficult to replace.

3.Doubled Ends
If you think of having durable spring for garage door, clipped ends should be in your mind. These springs absorb much stress, usually doors weighing 200 pounds or far more. Considering their durability, they are the most difficult to replace when broken.

What Causes of Broken Garage Door Springs

No matter how you maintain your garage door springs, there might be breakages from the staff or external forces. Below are the leading causes of the breakages;
Wear and Tear
Most door garages are designed with springs that can manage 10000 cycles. With this, it means you should not be so frequent opening it. As you open the door many times a day, the springs will wear, and that calls for more durable springs like the orisons and clipped end types.

All metals are vulnerable to rust. If your garage springs are affected by rust, they will begin corroding from the coils. Dramatically, the lifespan of the springs will go low. The best solution to this menace is an application of silicone-based lubricant biannually to prevent broken garage door spring.

Can I Repair my Garage Door Springs System Alone?

Most people take garage spring repair as an easy task. However, it is essential to know that repairing your garage doors needs expertise. In case of any damages, while changing springs for your garage door, Irving best garage door spring repair service will get you covered for broken garage door spring.

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