History of Irving, Texas

History of Irving, Texas

History of Irving, Texas

The Irving Adventure

Sandwiched between bustling metropolitan cities, is a lesser known place that entices you with its variety of activities, experiences in the arts and culture, and sites in nature: Irving, Texas. This city boasts one of the largest equestrian sculptures in the world in its epicenter, along with a sprawling performing arts center that hosts more than just canvas and paint inside its walls. Not only that, but with its “exceptional” reputation comes its picturesque canals and lakes where you can sit back and enjoy some views. Irving, Texas brings that big city feel without the big city havoc.

The history of irving tx, a sister city toDallas and Forth Worth, started smaller than you may think given the vibrancy it has today. It was in 1903 that they were founded by two men named J.O. “Otto” Schultze and Otis Brown. These two were looking to establish a railroad route to get to the neighboring cities and found the site of what is now Irving to be the perfect place. It was eventually and officially named after a favorite author of Brown’s wife according to local historians. Since then the city has continued to grown exponentially.

Whether it’s your luxurious getaway or your escape into the lushness of nature, Las Colinas is a must-see when you are in the area. It is at the heart of the city, and is where even the locals will flock to after long work days, on their weekends, and even for a well-deserved staycation. It is part of the history of irving tx with it being 12,000 acres built specifically for food, fun, and friends. It’s hard to imagine creating anything but great memories in this place. Within the urban playground is the world’s largest equestrian sculpture, which is said to embody the spirit its residents.

This work of art was created by noted African sculpture artist, Robert Glen, and was installed back in 1984. Its stunning realism and majesty is readily apparent in person and is an impressive life-sized group of stallions galloping through the water. If you are looking to feel the soul of the area, this is the place to start.
It is the rich history of irving tx that captivates you, with its charming brick buildings and winding canals that can make you feel as if you are back in another time. There is a Heritage Crossing District that does actually bring its visitors back to the early 1900’s and even earlier still for those who want to dig a little deeper. The Bear Creek Heritage Center and Ruth Paine House are highlights that you cannot miss. The latter educates others on the oldest African-American community in the county that was rooted here, while the other dives into the rabbit hole that was the assassination of JFK.

Should you wish to expand more on the art scene, there is also the Performing Arts center which hosts thousands of events in a given year. These events can vary from concerts and Smithsonian art exhibits, to family friendly children’s activities you can do on site. When the weather is nice, there are even outdoor exhibits to wander through if you are looking for things to do outside. Not only that, but the art district is one of the largest in the county at sixty-eight acres of pure creativity. It is here you will definitely find something everyone can appreciate. When you are ready for some discovery in the outdoors,Lake Carolyn is your destination. Take a walk along its shoreline and catch the sunset, or take a look at all the water activities it has to offer if you want to spend a day there. There are boat tours that are more than just your standard run around the water, as well as aqua cycles that are rentable and fun for all ages. They are always
doing special outings too, so be sure to check back often. If you’d rather take on the local hiking trails, you can visit the twenty-two mile green belt that is beautiful year round. The Campion Trails are perfect for the casual hikers and day-packers alike – choose your own adventure and see what it has in store for you.

This place is the ultimate urban center, and it is that way by design. But it’s the history, ever-changing experiences, and effortless flow of nature intertwined that makes the city so magnetic. That is what has kept Texans and tourists alike coming back from year to year.