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Garage door faults can occur in a number of ways, from broken cables and torsion springs to remote and opener faults or just natural wear and tear. No matter the issue, Swift Garage Door Repair  is one phone call away from repairing your garage door. Our experts are equipped with the knowledge and experience as well as all the required tools to repair any garage door commercial or residential. we offer 24/7 emergency garage door repair  services at no extra charge, our customer service representative are available to take your call at any time anywhere. we deal with major leading brands in garage door industry.


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Our Garage Repair Services

Residential garage door repair may be required if homeowners hear noises in their garage. This sound could very well be from a failing spring that’s rapidly unwinding and causing a crashing noise inside the garage door’s electronic mechanism. A few ways to determine if a garage door’s torsion spring is broken is to look for any gaps in the spring’s middle section. You may also see normally taut pulleys and cables now hanging loosely from the ceiling. There’s often nothing wrong with these components since they’ve probably come loose from the broken spring’s lack of tension. A bent garage door is usually another sign that garage door broken spring repair is necessary

Outdoor temperatures can also ruin your garage door’s springs. Fluctuating temperatures will eventually put a strain on the spring’s coiling action, requiring garage door spring repair. Installing cheap springs as a cost-cutting measure can also cause spring failure. Poor quality garage door springs fail faster than those made from superior materials. Cutting corners with garage door spring replacement is never a wise idea. Look and listen for signs that a garage door needs servicing. Is your garage door making any unusual sounds? Does it rise and descend smoothly, or make jerky movements? Is the door crooked or even when moving on the track? Does the door close slowly or come crashing down?

Garage door cable replacement should be scheduled once every 6 months (might vary depending on the usage).
while it is obvious, one should not take cable replacements lightly because a fault in the cable can be time consuming at best and hazardous at worst. Consult out technicians about cable replacement today!

a faulty tracks doesn’t always mean a complete replacement. sometimes a bent track can be straightened and re – installed, saving you time and money 

Our experienced technicians can fix all remote and openers problems in your garage. From electrical instillation to full opener refurbishing.
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We keep our prices affordable without sacrificing our impeccable standard of service. Visit our website often to cash in on periodic specials and limited-time deals on our products and services.

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Swift Garage Door Repair Is a Texas native business. Our costumers are family. We will service and treat your door like it’s our own and you can expect family-oriented service.

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We provide a full warranty for our parts and labor and we hold all the licensing and insurances needed, feel comfortable knowing you are covered and taken care of.

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We are supporting our local community by providing parts that are made locally. We believe your door deserves high – quality parts made in the US .