Best Places to Live in Irving, Texas

best place to live in texas
As a diverse city in TEXAS, irving is a safe place for many young families whose average age is 32 years. Records show that it has good schools and a considerable level in its crime rate. Found in Dallas County, the city has a population of over 240,373 people. When you decide to move to Irvin, it can be worthwhile because it’s found right at the center of Fort Worth and Dallas. Further, there are extensive contemporary amenities found in this modern city and affordable housing compared to many significant cities in the USA. As we advance, let’s find out the best places to live around irving tx.

Best Neighborhoods in irving

The city is filled with various parks, restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. It’s a suitable place where many young professionals and families reside. As a booming city, it provided its residents with a suburban and urban experience. Further, many people consider it one of the best places to live around irving tx, because of its diversity. It has quality private and public schools that are outstanding in their performances. This is one of the primary reasons why people like to live here in TEXAS. Research shows the following areas as the best neighborhoods where a person can stay.​

1. Valley Ranch

Las Colinas is found in the north of this city. You will stumble upon a suburban development that has been incredibly planned. Further is has a scenic development that gets lost within winding canals and a green surrounding. The safe neighborhood allows its residents to stroll across parks, restaurants, and local shops freely. Valley Ranch offers its residents a truly remarkable area where they can settle with their families.

2. Las Colinas

Las Colinas is indeed the best choice that you can consider to stay in this city. the neighborhood covers 12,000acres. There are many significant developments in this area, from schools, museums, and jogging trails. You can consider it as a small city located within a more expansive metropolis. Surrounding Las Colinas are 56 lakes. Also, there are various recreational and cultural organizations, country clubs, hospitals, and colleges in the area. If you need anything, you can easily find it within this neighborhood.

3. Irving-Heights

This neighborhood is well-established within the heights of Dallas County. You will get mid-sized homes at reasonable prices in the area as well as schools for all kinds of students. Further, this nice neighborhood contains various restaurants and hotels of modern-styling. The homes developed in the area vary with style and period. Some even date back to homes built during the 1940s.

4. Central-Irving

When heading to DFW International Airport, this area’s location is in the northwest part of SH 183. Various housing establishments have been developed in this residential neighborhood. Most of them suit multi and single families. Many people here have shops and offer services through various private businesses, including dentist offices, doctors, and grocery stores.

5. Hackberry Creek

When you reach the Hackberry Creek community , you will notice a unique gated community that displays an exceptional lifestyle. Being a golf community, the residents confidently get to raise their families in a balanced environment of luxury and security. The safety of this place tastes better with an additional stroll within the community center and parks. Hackberry Creek is the best place to be where you can do the practice if you love golf. This is an inspiring community that is found in this fantastic city.
top thing to do in city

Top Things To Do in the City

Many people like to go to a new place and enjoy the excellent music and food. Therefore, all Texans can attest that a place like Las Colinas is an urban center with multiple restaurants and good cuisines. Furthermore, you will find great music here at Toyota Music Factory. The Pavilion holds larger concerts within this Factory. It is 250,000 square feet and has both outdoor and indoor theaters. Then there is also the Texas Lottery Plaza which hosts smaller shows. The venue is open-air.

Rental Apartments in this City

Many single families live in various neighborhoods within this city. Places like Valley Ranch and Las Colinas have multiple rental options to choose from. Young professionals can choose from a variety of options here if they want to live near Dallas. The place is found in the city center. For the budget range of rent, it averagely costs $1,200/month. You will access an apartment of 850 square feet which is equipped with all the essential housing amenities.